Imperial Imps Shih Tzus

Where the Perfect Shih Tzus come from!

Wait List.

Only if I am all booked up for a preview day or have no puppies available,   will I wait list people. Which means, I will take your first name and phone number and call you to let you know one of two things: There are pups still available and you can come see them on a date we discuss. OR have to wait for the next litter. EITHER WAY I ALWAYS GIVE A CALL BACK!

Preview Day.

There are one time preview days for the puppies. This means that there is only one day they will be viewed in person before they are ready to go home! This would be the day to place a deposit on an available puppy. To see upcoming preview parties/days look at the information about the litter in available puppies tab. Also join the event on Facebook.

Pick Up Day.

This is the day that you are able to pick up your puppy that you have placed a deposit on. IF there are some puppies that don't have deposits, this would be the second day to see those puppies again. It is the pick up day, so those that do not have deposits will be ready to go home. It is as simple as making an appointment, coming to see the puppy, (and all that I have to offer), filling out their paperwork (to receive the papers you'll need with them), and taking your new baby home!

Available Puppies.

As you'll notice, sometimes I don't always do a Preview Day, for some reasons I don't do preview days for all litters. Sometimes, I post the available puppies and make appointments as I am available. So if you see the available puppies and see "Ready to go" Then know that you can make an appointment to see the pups and they can go home with you same day. If other information is posted, such as Preview Day: date and Pick Up Day: date, then know that there is a preview day for the litter and you have to make an appointment accordingly. 

Christmas Day Delivery

Christmas Day Delivery- Santa Claus and his Elf come to your house and surprise your family with a new member! How to: 1. come and pick out your puppy. 2. Place deposit in full for your puppy. 3. Try to keep it a secret to your kids/loved one! 

Please remember that Santa Clause has many children to visit! So while he is talking and taking pictures, his Elf will find you, please fill out the paperwork and let her go over the bag with you. 

Valentine's Day Delivery

Valentine's Day Delivery- Cupid comes to you and surprise your loved one with a new family member! How to: 1. come and pick out your puppy. 2. Talk about how/where delivery options (Bows, baskets, cards, etc are just some request I am given) 3. Place deposit for your puppy. Deposits are in full if the person buying is not going to be available for the delivery, partial deposits are accepted if person buying the puppy will be around. 4. Try to keep it a secret to your kids/loved one! 

Please remember that Cupid has many lovers to visit! So while he/she is talking and taking pictures, please remember to fill out the paperwork (unless previously done) and let him/her go over the bag with you. 

Featured Puppy!

Every week (Monday) there will be an available puppy going to be Featured! People vote for puppies on this website and in the Event on Facebook, votes get tallied together and the puppy that is the winner will get Featured on the front page of the website/Facebook and fun facts written about them. Don't be shy! Vote today!

There are a few things:

1. A puppy can not win twice in a row.

2. Once a puppy gets a deposit, or a home then the puppy is out of the running.

3. Only puppies who are available on the website can be in the running.  

4.If a winner does get a deposit/goes home the runner up will be the winner.