Imperial Imps Shih Tzus

Where the Perfect Shih Tzus come from!

Here are a list of frequently asked questions about me, my dogs, and whatever else! Feel free to contact me if I did not cover something here, I am almost always available. 


What do you feed?

Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy

How often and how much should we feed?

It's half a cup 3 times a day for puppies under 6 months of age. For puppies 6 months to 1 year it will be one cup 2 times a day and Dogs 1 year and older is 1.5 cups once a day.

What if the puppy doesn't want to eat/is finicky?

You can add some Gerber strained chicken food, plain yogurt or cottage cheese. 

Why was I given Nuti-vyte?

Nutri-vyte is a vitamin nutrient with sugar to help the puppies with the stress of moving and of leaving their litter mates and mama. It is essential to give it to the puppy. You would take 1 inch, put it on the tip of your finger and rub it on the roof of the puppies mouth. This is done 4 times a day until the tube is done.


How often should I groom the puppy?

Show coat would be a once a month, puppy cut is every other month and if you shave them, it'll be 2/3 times a year. 

What brand of comb do you prefer?

Greyhound. It is a brand that last forever and works very well. 

How do I clean the puppies ears?

Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol. Dip the q-tip in a little bit of rubbing alcohol and swishing around the ear. 

What type of shampoo should I use and can I over bathe the puppy?

Any shampoo that says puppy shampoo is good with me. They have so many, some with oatmeal for soft calm coat, some voluminous for a thicker lustrous coat, and others just to bathe. They also now have added lots of moisturizer to the shampoos so over bathing isn't much a problem. Just don't get the water inside the puppies ears, that can cause an ear infection if left locked in there.

Schedule of the Puppies

7-8 AM First thing in the morning when puppy wakes up they need to use the potty. Give breakfast, Nurti-vyte and                   potty again.

12-1 PM Feed Lunch, Give Nutir-vyte and potty time!

5-6 PM Feed Dinner, give Nutir-vyte, potty again!


Breeding Practices

What is a hobby breeder?

Hobby Breeders are dedicated to the preservation of a particular breed of dog. Rarely make any profit from breeding. Hobby breeders do not “make a living” from their endeavors and very few even derive a significant portion of their income from breeding their animals.

How often are the females bred?

The females are bred 3/4 times in their lifetime with litters spanning 2 years in between each one.

What test have been done to the parents?

They get their health check ups, a blood test to check for genetic problems they may have and any that could be passed on. 

How long have you been breeding this particular breed?

My whole life. I started at a very young age, and never stopped. I am fourth generation and I have not thought of doing anything else in my life. My dogs have always been first. 

Do you breed only Shih Tzus?

No, I also have 3 Rottweilers that I breed on occasion. I grew up with the breed and they are close to my heart as well. 

Why did you want to breed Shih Tzus?

I wanted a fluffy, over friendly dog that everyone, even with allergies could have. Shih Tzus are all of that and much more! They have sassy little attitudes that you can't get enough of and they are perfect for everyone being the perfect companions. 

How big are the parents/puppies going to get?

All my dogs are 7-10 pounds. That is the smallest size for this breed that you can go without risking health concerns nor inbreeding. 

Babysitting and Returning

What do we do with the puppy if we go on vacation?

I babysit all of my puppies if you ever go away. No matter how old, and I am always available. 

What do we do if we can't keep the puppy?

I take the puppy back at ANY TIME through the puppies life if you can't care for them for any reason. I brought them into the world, and for that they will always have a roof over their heads, a full belly, a warm bed, and get the care they need. Always.

Visiting the Puppies

Will we see the mother?

Yes, mother's are present. They do not have a problem with you handling the puppies and depending how old the puppies are depends on if they are in the pen with her or not. (Under 8 weeks, yes. Over 8 weeks, no. They will be weened at that point and no longer need to nurse from her which they will try to do if with her.)

Do you have a Contract of Sale?

ABSOLUTELY. It is basic information on first page, vaccine/de-worming record, health certificate of puppy, care sheet, Guarantees, registration  papers, pedigree and information about me and what I do (like I am a Hobby Breeder and they are guaranteed by NJ State Law.)

What is your Guarantees?

It is in accordance with New Jersey State Law. 2 weeks for Viral and Bacterial and 6 months congenital. 

Are the puppies socialized?

Yes, they get handled every day and have visitors that come and play with them. This breed in particular loves everyone and is extremely friendly.

Are the puppies trained?

Yes, all puppies are wee-wee pad trained. Depending on the weather depends on how much more training we can get to.

Are there any requirements to visiting the puppies?

ONE. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE. Do not go to any pet shops, shelters, any public dog places before coming to my house. These places 100% of the time have germs that are deadly, maybe not to a fully vaccinated 10 year old dog, but a puppy who hasn't been to these places, not completed with vaccines, and even younger litters that I have that don't have any vaccines yet it can be deadly. The main problem is some people do not understand that diseases are airborne. Which means, you only have to walk into public dog areas to carry the disease on your cloths, hair, skin, etc and spread the diseases to my puppies. I take keeping my puppies healthy very seriously. Thanks for understanding.

Is the puppy micro-chipped?

Not initially. I can micro-chip them if you'd like. It's no charge for me to do it, but there is a charge with the company to register. I do not have an opinion about it either way, I leave it completely up to the individual to make this decision. 

What do I need before I take my puppy home?

  1. Bowls- 2 Crock Style; easy to clean and heavy enough that they won't get tipped over. Corning-ware works too.
  2. Leash- 6 foot, light weight (Skinny)
  3. Collar- 10 inches. NO HARNESS; it makes knots on the belly and underneath arm pits. 
  4. Crate- Midwest with Divider (18" x 24"). Or a pack and play playpen; you could pick them up at a flea market or yard sales, they also fold for travel. 
  5. old towel or Lambskin pad for crate.
  6. Airline crate for travel with pad or old towel
  7. Food- Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food
  8. Wee-Wee pads
  9. Comb- GReyhound (brand); this brand of combs last forever and can be found at
  10. Good Shampoo and conditioner; for baths. Oatmeal shampoo preferred. 

If I have allergies, would Shih Tzus be a good match for me?

Absolutely! But I do ask that you tell me in advance. I have Rottweilers which are not allergy friendly at all, I also wash the puppies in my shampoo as sometimes puppy shampoo can cause reactions, and dust my house with dust allergen spray. All to make sure the puppies are good for you to keep in your home. If you do not tell me in advance, then I do not know to take these precautions. People have had allergic reactions to my other dogs and actually think they are allergic to Shih Tzus. Shih Tzu's are hypoallergenic.


What form of payment do you accept?

Cash only. I have been burned before with checks and have no way to accept cards or online payments. 

How much for deposit?

Deposits are $200 minimum, non-refundable. $200 is the minimum, I can hold a puppy for about a week or a little longer. The longer I hold a puppy the more of a deposit is required. I can not hold a puppy longer than a month.

How do deposits work?

A deposit is to hold a puppy. When I hold a puppy, no one else knows sees that puppy, it is considered completely yours until pick up. That is why the deposit is non-refundable. 

How do you determine pricing on the puppies?

Pricing is determined by color, sex, age, lines, how many puppies there are, and other factors that go into the puppies.

Are there discounts available on the puppies?

Yes, I offer Military, Police, and Firefighter discounts. I also offer discounts if you take multiple puppies. Please ask about them, Thank you.

What if I wanted you to hold he puppy for me for a month, but also housebreak the puppy?

So it has been common of some people want to wait a month to pick up a puppy so that I would housebreak the puppy. If you want me to housebreak the puppy, here is the following requirements: First is a deposit in full for your puppy, then a $5 a day babysitting fee, and it is $800 all together for me to fully housebreak the puppy. You can check other prices in your area, mine are in line with other trainers in my area, and they do not keep the puppy and give 24 hours service for you. Thank you.