Imperial Imps Shih Tzus

Where the Perfect Shih Tzus come from!

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Suzanne and Lacey and Ruby
Anitha and Fluffy
Teddy takes LBI
Amanda and Tallulah
Lisa and Sierra
Sharon and Vinny
Amy and Brodie
Lon, Angelo and Lucy
Mike, Beth and Cooper
Emma and Eevee
Tommy, Sammy and Ruth
Barbara and Benji
Steph and Cooper
Amanda and Theodore
Jill and Murphy
Chad and Skylar
Suzie and Mimi
Jen and TY
Kim and Lu Lu
Marie and Lucia
Don, Linda and Bailey
Michele and Sophie
Sandy and Cole
Donna and Chloe
Tara and Suki
Lisa and Bailey and Capone
Mari and Chowy
Carolyn and Bailey
Donna and Zoey
Annalise and Mia
Angela and Bentley
Jeff and Melo
Peggy and Lucy
Ricardo and Pepito
Brian and Rocky
Michelle and Henry
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