Imperial Imps Shih Tzus

Where the Perfect Shih Tzus come from!

Featured Puppy!

Every week (Monday) there will be an available puppy going to be Featured! People vote for puppies on this website and in the Event on Facebook, votes get tallied together and the puppy that is the winner will get Featured on the front page of the website/Facebook and fun facts written about them. Don't be shy! Vote today!

There are a few things:

1. A puppy can not win twice in a row.

2. Once a puppy gets a deposit, or a home then the puppy is out of the running.

3. Only puppies who are available on the website can be in the running.  

4.If a winner does get a deposit/goes home the runner up will be the winner.

Referral Reward Program

If you bought your puppy from me, and you have a friend that is buying from me whom you referred: all your friend has to do it give me your name and address in order for you to get sent a Reward Card. With this card (worth $50) you may use it towards your next puppy that you get from me! This is unlimited to as many people who referred you to me! 

Preview Parties.

There are one time preview days for the puppies. This means that there is only one day they will be viewed in person before they are ready to go home! [Also may be around holidays where there would be gifts given out.] To see upcoming preview parties/days look at the information about the litter in available puppies tab. Also join the event on Facebook.


The puppies are now on Facebook! You can like the page, see post from people who have bought from me before, and more! You can see the page (without a Facebook yourself) through this link (the picture). You can't like the page without having a Facebook however.