Imperial Imps Shih Tzus

Where the Perfect Shih Tzus come from!


Quotes Hi Marci, Just an update for your on our little man. His name is now Bailey. He is eating like a champ but I am still giving him the supplement as you directed. He went to our vet on Friday morning and got a clean bill of health. He was so good for her that she wanted to keep him for herself. (Not happening on my watch!) I do want to thank you and your Mother for giving us the time to make our decision. I think we made the right one for us. My children and grandchildren love him to pieces. I am attaching a photo for you. It will take me some time to learn how to photo an all black dog but I am sure I will get there. I am thrilled that we found you and your wonderful dogs. I don't want to make a pest of myself but I would love to keep in touch with you in the future to let you know how he is doing. Regards, Carolyn Quotes

Quotes #1) hi marci, it's me again. but was on your web site and of course i was looking at your puppies.... Do you know how many people you must make happy out their. ... because every time i see them i light up. so just wanted you to know....hope i don't sound nuts LOL. thanks #2) hi marci, rocco got a clean bill of health. he weighs 3.4lbs.... has a great way about him. she said you did a GREAT JOB i also said so. i will keep you posted. thanks again love patty and rocco Quotes

Quotes I bought my baby Nico (formerly Spalding) back in March. I couldn't have asked for a better dog! The seller's informational packet as well as willingness to answer any and all questions (no matter how silly they may seem) was nice. The doc was very impressed with the thorough records that had been given to me. I would definitely buy from this seller again! Quotes

Quotes Hi Marci, Just thought I would send a couple of shots. I took the first two the night we got home. The last two were just tonight. He is doing great and we are adjusting to him well. He is a really good puppy! Thanks! Quotes

Quotes Hello. I just wanted to give you a 6 month update on our sweet boy Gizmo (born "Seth" and almost named Bubba..). He is the perfect addition to our family. His temperament is wonderful and he is so cute! We are so very happy we found you and Gizmo in May 2012. He is housebroken, neutered and probably a little spoiled. So, thank you again for my wonderful Mother's Day present last year! He is a sweetheart! Quotes

Quotes My family purchased our first Shih Tzu at Christmas 2011. We absolutely love this puppy. Never had any health issues, our vet was impressed with the contract, records, etc. provided with puppy. Everything is in writing. Super caring Breeder with a heart that shows in her pups. Our Katy was housebroken in 3 weeks, she is such a joy. Thank You so much. Quotes

Quotes I bought a puppy from you last May...just wanted to let you know that "Bear" is doing very well... He's got the most beautiful face. A tad hyper, but very sweet. Besides, even if you were willing to trade him for a smaller one, I wouldn't give him back. We're too in love with him. I have a friend looking for a puppy and am suggesting she look with you. She knows Bear was to be small, but she also understands you can't guarentee the size. Plus she's met him and agrees that he is gorgeous and so sweet. Quotes

Quotes " happy we are with the puppy and your breeding as well. the experience was excellent, the little package you put together with the toy, food and treats was a great touch - we get many compliments on buddy. his disposition is excellent - he is a handsome pup and we are extremely please." Quotes
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