Imperial Imps Shih Tzus

Where the Perfect Shih Tzus come from!


Quotes Hello Marci! I love my new family and my new home! Thank you for taking such good care of me! Love, Theodore Quotes

Quotes Hi Marci, As you may recall, I got Murphy (whom you originally named Saxton) from you just over a year ago (5 Jul 2013). I thought you might be interested to see how he is doing.For the past five weeks, we've been going to the dog park every Saturday morning, and Murphy loves it. He also really enjoyed the snow this past winter. He and my 2 1/2 year old nephew are the best of friends. (They're more like brothers.)In January, Murphy completed his six week training class at PetSmart. I will be doing some more training with him soon. Murphy is doing very well, and I love him so much. He is about 12.5 pounds. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of what he's been up to. Sincerely, Jill Quotes

Quotes Just wanted to update you on Sully. He is a super sweetie pie and has adjusted well to our family. Very friendly, playful and sweet. Checked out well at the vet and is doing pretty well with outside potty breaks. We decided to name him Milo and he definitely seems to respond to his name. Quotes

Quotes Hi Marci.... Mr Diesel is weighting in at 8.5 pounds and very healthy. He jus wanted to say hello to you! We love him pieces! He can sit, give both paws and lay down. He is so smart! Almost potty trained as well!! And is a lil luv bug! Keep doing a great job with your pups! Quotes

Quotes We love our new baby :)) thank you Marci for a great puppy!!! He is the best. Still fighting over names. Looks like Jake is winning out. Quotes

Quotes We just bought our little girl "Lucia" (originally known as Sara) about a month. She is the greatest puppy! So loveable and friendly, we love her so much. I highly recommend this breeder!! Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much for breeding such a gorgeous "Lu Lu" for us- She is a diva- celeb with family and friends already-- the "Perfect Shih Tzu" Quotes
"Lu Lu"

Quotes Hi Marci, take a look at Pepito ((formerly Shawn) waking us up this morning. He brought the joy back to the house!!! He is a playful and a lovely troublemaker!!!! Happy Holidays!!! Quotes

Quotes Hi how are you, the puppy adjusted well he is lovely and exited every day. We and the kids are so happy to have him and he is so loved here. Our kids called him cookie already on the way home. He is awesome. Quotes

Quotes Hi, Marci-- Just wanted to let you know that Lily is doing great! She follows Hannah everywhere, and looked so sad when Hannah went to school this morning. She is eating, playing, has "gone" outside more than in (and when she misses it's our fault--not fast enough!), and gets right on her cushion when we say "Go to bed, Lily!" We think she is the smartest pup ever, as well as the cutest! She loves her rope toy, thanks for sending it along with her, and thanks for our adorable new family member! Best, Maria Quotes