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Quotes Thank you so much, Marci. Bella is a wonderful, happy little girl. She loves people & other dogs. She has the best little personality. She can be a little bit of a drama queen sometimes, but what female isn't? :) Any time she sees someone she waves to them, which she taught herself. She knows sit, paw, dance(which turns into jumping & flipping when she gets super excited for her treat) & two barks for "yes please". She loves playing with her toys & her big brother. Can't believe she is almost a year old already. Thanks again for her, I couldn't imagine my life without her. We will be back. Kayla & Bella Quotes

Quotes Hi Marci! I'm so happy I was able to adopt a puppy from you. I've had her for almost a week and she is absolutely perfect! We named her Suki and she's just a doll. She's quickly learning the ropes and she is not afraid to explore new things. Everyone loves her and she is so welcoming to everyone she has met so far! She's super well behaved and well potty trained, you did an excellent job raising her. I took her to the vet and they could not put her down! They said she has such a great personality, she's super healthy and she has great baby teeth, even though they are kinda sharp :) I have so many pictures of her already and I'm excited to share a few of them with you so you can see how she's doing. Again, thanks so much for everything! Briana and Suki Quotes

Quotes So I have had Mickey (Formally known as Stan)for almost a week now and I must say this dog is just amazing. Since he has been home he is nothing but loving and for the most part behaving... He has had only one potty mistake and now understands to go outside. This dog was only 10 weeks old when we picked him up and I never seen a puppy as smart as this one.. The disposition on Marcis dogs are something I have never seen. We just started crating him and he totally doesn't mind.. He doesn't even wimper for a second in the crate nor does he go potty in the crate.. Marci thank you so much for making our lives so happy with this new addition to our home... We couldn't be any happier Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much for Sheldon. He is adorable we love him so much. Keep doing what your doing just having Sheldon in the house helps my MS. You love the puppies. You care so much it shows in their personalities. Sheldon gives me a reason to fight my MS. We may be back! Quotes

Quotes Hi I'm Cassidy I [and parents] bought a shih tzu from you March 24, 2012. Her name was Samantha daughter of Star born on January 28 2012, sister of Shannon and Sherlock. I just thought even though its been a few years since we have had her you would like to know about her. Bringing her home we renamed her Sasha. She is a very smart and energetic dog. We got her neutered and she has been perfectly healthy. She loves running and jumping around. I was 11 when I got her and I'm 15 now and she has been my best friend ever since. Sasha is considered more than just a dog she is apart of our family. I wish only the best for you and your family for I still remember how heart warming and kind you guys were. Thank you. Quotes

Quotes Dear Marci, Below are a couple of pictures of Gigi. She has been an amazing addition to our home. Her housebreaking has been easy, plus she is so smart. I can roll one of the toys and she runs to get it, and then amazingly, she brings it back. She loves her belly rubs. Thank you. Quotes

Quotes It has been a busy 1st month to say the least. Sorry for not writing sooner. When we brought to our vet for his checkup on March 1 he weighed 2 lbs 11 oz. Now on April 1 he weighs 4lbs 6oz. We are quite pleased with his disposition and he is one smart shih tzu. He climbed the stairs in our kitchen on the 3rd day we had him so we really had to puppy proof the house with some safety gates. Have to get him outside now to do his business. He gets it right most of the time. I will post some comments on your web page this week. I am attaching some recent pictures, you can post them if you like. Again thank you for being a caring breeder, I would not hesitate to recommend you to others seeking a shih tzu as a family pet. We never forget when we lose our pets, but Maximus is a great start to another chapter in the book of life. Quotes

Quotes Marci, I am so happy that I bought one of your Shih Tzu puppies. That was the best thing I ever did. I asked my vet where I could find a breeder of Shih Tzu puppies? They recommended you. I bought Vinny from you in 2012. Vinny was born on March 26, 2012. He was just 3 years old. Vinny is a wonderful dog. Very affectionate. He has a wonderful disposition. He is very smart. Quick to learn. Well trained. He has an adorable face. his hair is very silky. When anyone sees Vinny they come right up to him to pet him & ask me where I got him? He is the friendliest dog I have ever had. He's very out going. I am so thankful I found you, so I have Vinny in my life. Quotes

Quotes Marci does a great job breeding, my Brodie has adapted very well to his new home and loves everyone and is quite the snuggler and loves to give puppy kisses. Quotes

Quotes Marci has been amazing since my first phone call with my crazy questions! Marci also helped my husband create a wonderful surprise! Thank you for all your efforts and especially our new love Cooper! Quotes
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