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Any questions at all- please email me and I will post and answer them as soon as possible. Thank you!


  1. How often do we feed the puppy?

    1/2 a cup, 3 times a day until 6 months old-then you cut the feeding down to 1/2 a cup at 2 times a day. At one year they get one cup once a day.

  2. What do you feed?

    Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy- all though their life.

  3. My puppy is being Finicky. What do I do?

    I always go to the store first thing and buy the following: Gerber strained chicken, plain yogurt, small curd plain cottage cheese. You don't have to get all three, even one would just do. First try it with just plain hard food and any of the three. If that doesn't work, soften the food and then add one of those three and it should do the trick ;)

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  1. How often should the pup go to the groomers?

    Depends on what you want. If you want a complete show coat, then about once a month. To be shaved bald is three times a year. Puppy cut is twice a month. But you should run a comb through the pup once a week.

  2. How often should we bathe the puppy?

    When the puppy goes to the groomers or when ever he/she looks/smells dirty.

  3. How do I do the nails?

    For people who have no experience clipping nails- You can file them. For people who have experience, if you feel absolutely comfortable with you clipping them go ahead. But if you do not feel comfortable, then do not do it! Your groomer can do it when they groom the pup.

  4. How do you clean the ears?

    I take Q-tips and clean the ears like we clean our ears. There is not a big fear of hitting the ear drum because the dogs ears are "L" shaped and the ear drum is in the bottom of that.

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  1. What is better create or paper training?

    Depends on what your schdule and prefrence. If you work most of the day, then paper training may be best. If you are home most of the day, then you can create train. All of my pups that leave are pre-paper trained. (I use pack-n-plays, put the wee-wee pad or paper at one end food and water, and will also leave a toy for them to play with.)

  2. Are the Puppies Leash Trained?

    If it is the summer and the weather is warm enough, then the puppies will be taken outside at 8 weeks (or older)  and will be getting used to a leash.

  3. When should I start crate training?

    Crate training should start at 16 weeks- when the puppies bladders are strong enough to hold it. Also, in the summer time. I know as soon as you get the puppy you will want to take it outside, but- remember! The pups are like infants! Do not take them outside unless completely bundled up, especially in the snow.

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  1. What if I want to go on vacation?

    I will babysit the puppy for only $5 a day. I always like to see how the puppies have grown and how they are doing.

  2. What if I cannot care for the puppy?

    I ALWAYS will take a pup back if you cannot care for him/her. NONE OF MY BABIES HAVE/WILL GO TO ANY SHELTERS/PET PLACES. If you have any questions or feel that it is too much just call me first.

  3. What should I bring when I drop my pup off for babysitting?

    NOTHING. If you really want, you can bring a leash and collar. But as far as toys, beds, ect. I am not responsible if the items get something dirty or ruined in anyway. I have puppies here, and like kids, they play ruff, aren't always potty trained, and don't understand if that was your favorite.

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  1. Statement.

    There is not alot of requirements. As long as the puppy has a good loving home and you take care of him/her. It will not matter to the pup if you have a big mansion or a small shack.

  2. Do I have to be a certain age?

    No. Any age. If you are older and no one else will take the dog if something happens-put in your will for the dog to come back to me and I will either take care of him through the rest of his/her life or find another home for them.

  3. Do I have to have a yard?

    No. A lady that has a few dogs of mine lives in a NY appartment. (2 bathroom) In one of the bathrooms-she put a ladder for the dogs to go. Every night she flushes the poop and bleaches out the pee. Another couple put a kiddie pool filled with cat litter. Yes, the dogs are littler box trained.:)

  4. Is it okay to stop by after being in a pet store/shop?

    NO. Please when you come to visit my puppies either make me your first visit!! This is important because alot of pet shops and shelters, etc. are filled with sick dogs that have diffrent germs. My pups (especially before their first vaccine at 6weeks) are not immune to any of these diseases and can get sick. If you do visit a shelter before coming, you will have to re-schedule your appiontment. Thank you for your understanding.

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Breeding Program

  1. How long have I been breeding Shih Tzus?

    Over 10 years, my mother had taught me after she has been doing it for over 50 years and my grandmother before her and my great-grandmother before her had also bred dogs.

  2. Where are the puppies raised?

    All of my dogs are bred, born, and raised here. At my home.

  3. How often is a female bred?

    A female is bred 3 times in her lifetime, then I will find her a new home so she can be in a "one-dog" home herself.

  4. What is your "process" of seeing the pups?

    I get this question quite a lot. It is simple, you come out and see the puppies. If they are ready to leave, you may take them home. If they are not ready to leave, you may leave a deposit and come back another day to pick them up.

  5. How does Referral Reward work?

    Referral Reward system where if you bought a puppy from me and refer a friend, when that friend gets their puppy they give me your name and address. In return I send you $50 off towards your next puppy. The $50 off will be a card sent to you. You can tell your friend that this is unlimited to as many people that you know who have bought puppies from me!!

  6. Do you have refrences?

    I do not give out anyone's personal information out of respect for my people's privacy. I do have a Facebook page and if you want to go ahead and message anyone who has posted pictures of dogs they bought from me, they will tell you- you don't want to go anywhere else!

  7. What is this "One-time Preview Day"?

    I am now doing a one time preview day for the babies. The babies that aren't ready to go will have a One-time preview day written in with the info about their litter. That day will be the ONLY day that people can come out and see the pups before they are ready to go.

  8. What is Microchipping?

    It is when a rice sized chip goes into the puppy, and if the puppy gets lost then a shelter or vet can scan the puppy and find a number, that number leads them to you. I do offer Microchipping, I do it for free, and there is a fee to register the chip into your name.

  9. Should I Microchip?

    That is a decision that is completely and 100% up to you to make. Some people believe that it is the best thing to do, others to not care to have it done. It is about preference.

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  1. What method of payment do you accept?

    I only accept cash. This is because in the past I have had lots of problems with checks, and I have no way of accepting a pay-pal or card. There is no acceptation to this rule, so please make sure that you are ready for your appointment.

  2. What about Deposits?

    Deposits are 100% NONREFUNABLE. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THIS BEFORE PUTTING A DEPOSIT DOWN! You can either put a deposit down in person or through the bank.

  3. Is there a Military/Police discount?

    I do have a discount for active Military. It is a one time discount of $100 off your puppy. You need to bring your active military ID card/police badge to prove to me that you are truly in the military/ police force.

  4. Are you buying a second, third, fourth or fifth puppy from me?

    There is a $100 discount towards the second puppy you buy from me. All you have to do is bring in the contract you signed when you got your first puppy. (For those who are my people who send me all the pictures in the Photo Gallery- you get an exception from that rule).

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New Puppy Owner?

  1. Introduction.

    I cover everything for all first time puppy parents, but with all of the excitement that comes with a new playful puppy I know many forget what I had covered. So here is an online reminder to help with your new bundle of joy :)

  2. I got a tube of Nutir-stat, what is it for?

    Nutir-stat or Nutri- vyte is a high calorie supliment that with help with the move, since the puppy will be away from mommy and thier litter mates. Put an inch on your finger, if the puppy does not eat it off your finger you can put it on the roof of his/her mouth. Continue this 4 times a day until the tube is empty. You do not need to replace the tube.

  3. Why was I given baby food?

    Along with the Nutri-stat, if the puppy does not have a strong appetite you may add a tablespoon of Gerber Strained Chicken and Gravy. It is given in the Puppy Care Package that you recieve when you take a puppy home. Since he/she is away from litter mates there is no compitition to eat, so the puppy sees this as not a need to eat. The Chicken is easy to digest and they can't resist it!

  4. What should I get as a new puppy owner?

    The Shopping List (also attached to your deposit ticket- if you leave a deposit on one or more puppies):


    1) Bowls- Two Crock Style; easy to clean and heavy enough that they won’t get tipped over. Corningware works too.

    2) Leash- 6foot, light weight (skinny)

    3) Collar- 10inches. NO HARNESS; it makes knots on the belly and underneath arm pits.

    4) Crate- Midwest with Divider (18” x 24”;). Or a Pack and Play playpen; you could pick them up at a flea market or yard sales, they also fold for travel.

    5) Old towel or Lambskin pad for crate.

    6) Airline crate for travel with pad or old towel

    7) Food- Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food

    8 )Wee-wee pads

    9) Comb- Greyhound (brand); this brand of combs last forever and can be found at

    10) Good shampoo and conditioner; for baths. Oatmeal Shampoo


    Don’t forget to make a vet appointment ASAP for when you bring your new puppy home!


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